The “final” day: On writing, tenure and living

If you have been following, no doubt you have realized that I did not deliver on my “write every day” commitment. It appears that I write more frequently when I am not writing. Mumbling, many call it. It turns out that the university (well, people, but the institution of people…) decided to give me tenure,Continue reading “The “final” day: On writing, tenure and living”

Day 92: The beginning of Heather Heyer’s legacy

Tragic deaths are just that. Tragic. When someone dies suddenly, tragically, it is incomprehensible; there is ache for meaning. Yesterday, I watched Heather Heyer’s mother give her daughter’s eulogy. She spoke with conviction about her relationship with her daughter, what her daughter stood for, and how to make meaning from tragedy. It is worth watching,Continue reading “Day 92: The beginning of Heather Heyer’s legacy”

Day [insert math here]: Equality

Early Saturday (late Friday) Josh Freed wrote about his Trump addiction in the Montreal Gazette. Saved at last; time to draw my eyes away from the headlines. And then Trump surprised all over again, with a Charlottesville narrative that was simply unbelievable. “… on many sides,” he said. Sides of what? Unknown.